We are not a typical retail flower shop; we only provide florals for events - and we firmly stick to what we do best.
(But, don't despair...we have a network of traditional florists who will hook you up with that special bouquet for, let’s say, your Aunt Martha’s 80th birthday.)
We like BIG. And we practically do it with our eyes closed.
(But, of course, we always welcome the equally important ‘little’ stuff, too.)
We are uber-creative when given the chance. And the respective budget.
(Yet we will also create your exact vision, however ‘crazy’ or ‘conservative’ it may be. And most importantly, we know how to play nice with all budgets, from modest to mind-blowing.)
Our stuff is fresh. Like, really fresh.
(Because we are not a traditional flower shop, we only buy flowers on a per-event basis - translation: this ensures that you get the freshest product available to us. How great is that?)
We are masters of delivery logistics -both local, and long distance.
(Because big-and-cool flower stuff is only impressive when it arrives at your event, fully intact. Right?)
The event décor rentals just arrived, and they’re now sitting in the middle of the ballroom. In a random heap. Ummm… did you remember to call in the stylist -with the ‘magic wand’- who will make it all pretty for you?
(Yeah, we do décor styling, too. We are also particularly skilled at draping fabrics of all kinds. From event styling, to photo styling, to visual display and merchandising… Christine has done it all. She’s got you covered.)
Got candy? And lot’s of it?
(Candy bars: the latest and greatest way to serve dessert at events. We’ve got the containers, the whistles and bells, the lights and the Type-A personality required to line up and display the oodles-of-pounds of candy that nearly broke your poor UPS guy’s back.)
Our niche specialty is providing floral design services to the corporate and non-profit sectors.
(Dearest married-couples-to-be, we are not intentionally forsaking you; we are equally capable of -and willing to produce- beautiful wedding florals. It’s just that our reputation happens to proceed us in the corporate and non-profit arenas. That’s all. It’s nothing personal. Love ya just the same. So fear not, and give us a ring. We’ll answer...promise.
Okay, wait…technically-speaking, we do have a second niche specialty up our sleeve: Commercial Holiday Décor Installations for large scale, and hospitality venues.
Ahhh, glitter. The ultimate love-hate relationship, don’t you agree? But who can resist the magical allure of a fully encrusted 20ft Christmas tree, complete with 10,000+ twinkle lights? Certainly, not us. And we have the glitter on our Q-tips to prove it! (Yup, TMI, for sure.)

From a single tree, to a 26ft truck -loaded to the door with holiday décor- we do it all. And well. And big. And fast. Because, let’s face it, everyone needs it done. On the same day. (Or, so it seems). We get it. Truly, we do. So, breathe. It’ll get done. We have a magic wand.

Oh, and one more thing...we also have a holiday décor rental inventory available for events, and for those Gemini-born clients (like Christine) who change their style preferences. By the hour. Just because. It’s fun.

Dude, we are t o t a l l y laid back. ‘Panic’ and ‘drama’ are non-existent words in our vocabulary.
There are no problems or crises - merely ‘challenges’ to be cleverly surmounted. With nearly two decades of event-related experience under our belt, we know that the show always goes on no. matter. what.

We are masters of adaption and facilitation - which is largely how we’ve achieved success in this oh-so-dynamic industry. We roll with it, baby.)

Custom fabrication.
(Can’t buy it off the shelf? Call us, we’ll help you make it, instead. From sculptural metal frameworks, to custom printed transparencies for your vases. You might be surprised by what we can pull out of our magic hat.)